Elbrus Management
7801 E Bush Lake Rd, Suite 430
Edina, MN 55439






Welcome to Elbrus Management. We are committed to providing quality housing in the Twin Cities, Quad Cities, St Louis, and Detroit metro areas. 

We strive to make sure our properties are kept well above the rental "norm" and are an asset to their surrounding neighbors and never a blight on the block. We always welcome calls from tenants and neighbors alike to keep us apprised of anything that could use maintenance, updating or attention.


Options for paying rent:

  1. Pay online. Easiest for you, fastest to get applied to your balance, and least likely to have problems. You can even set it up to auto withdraw so you don't have to think about it. Click the Tenants link on the left above to login. Contact us if you don't know your login and we can set you up.
  2. Mail us payment to our office above. This will be a bit slower and not as dependable than the online option, but generally works fine, especially for checks or money orders.
  3. Use Paylease to pay in cash. Use this link to find a location near you. FIRST, you need to call or email us so we can set you up and provide you with a reference ID to use as part of the payment process.

We do not pick up rent. 

And, our Minneapolis office hours are spotty so we may not be open if you try to visit us at the office to drop off rent.